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At Trees Over Houston, ensuring your safety and keeping the lights on are at the heart of our powerline clearance services. With an expert crew dedicated to maintaining a safe gap between your trees and powerlines, we tackle potential risks head-on. Our commitment to industry standards guarantees not just the safety of your property but also uninterrupted electricity flow.

Powerline clearance in progress

The Power of Professional Powerline Clearance

Securing a buffer between trees and powerlines is more than just trimming branches—it's about safeguarding your property and ensuring consistent power. Here’s how our service stands out:

Prioritizing Safety

We minimize electrical hazards by ensuring trees are kept at a safe distance from powerlines, reducing the risk of contact, interference, or power outages.

Caring for Trees

Our approach balances clearance needs with the wellbeing of your trees. Trimming or removal is done thoughtfully to preserve tree health and structure.

Ensuring Compliance

Stay on the right side of regulations with our service, meeting clearance standards and avoiding fines from utility companies or regulatory bodies.

Avoiding Disruptions

A clear path for powerlines means less chance of service interruptions. Our work ensures your electricity supply remains steady and reliable.

Our Powerline Clearance Methodology

When you choose Trees Over Houston for powerline clearance, here's the comprehensive approach we take:

  • Detailed Site Assessment: We start by evaluating the proximity of trees to powerlines, considering factors like species and growth trends to identify potential risks.

  • Tailored Clearance Strategy: From our assessment, we devise a powerline clearance plan specific to your property's needs, ensuring compliance and safety.

  • Precision in Action: Employing specialized techniques, our skilled arborists trim or remove risky branches with precision, prioritizing both tree health and safety.

  • Mindful and Efficient Work: Our execution is as careful as it is effective, aiming to minimize landscape disturbance and any dangers of working close to powerlines.

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