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Best Time for Tree Care in Houston: A Simple Guide for Homeowners

Introduction: If you own a home in Houston and have trees on your property, it's important to take care of them. But when should you do it? This easy guide will help you figure out the best time of year for tree service, with expert advice from Trees Over Houston.

1. Houston's Weather and Your Trees: Houston is warm and humid most of the year. This weather affects how and when you should look after your trees.

2. Spring - Check and Plant Trees: Spring is a great time to look over your trees for any damage from winter. It's also perfect for planting new trees, as they can grow well in the mild weather.

3. Summer - Watch Out for Bugs and Sickness: Summer in Houston can be tough on trees. Watch for bugs and diseases that can harm your trees. If you see anything unusual, it might be time to call in the pros from Trees Over Houston.

4. Fall - Trim and Get Ready for Winter: Fall is usually the best time to trim your trees. It helps them stay safe and strong, especially when winter storms come. Getting your trees ready for the cooler weather is also a smart move.

5. Winter - The Best Time for Big Tree Jobs: Winter might be mild in Houston, but it's the best time for big tree jobs. Since trees are not actively growing, it's easier to do major work like pruning or even removing trees if necessary.

Conclusion: Looking after your trees in Houston means knowing what to do in each season. Trees Over Houston can help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year. Need help with your trees? Give Trees Over Houston a call today, and let's make sure your trees are the best on the block!

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